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early spring

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Not too much going yet. Everything is pruned, brush mowed and ready. I have to haul firewood out of the orchard (from pruning) some early cover sprays to apply, fix a few broken sprinklers and a bit of grafting in a couple of weeks.
The apricots are starting to bloom, its early. Fruit tree flowers are temperature sensitive, below 30 degrees F they’re prone to the blossoms being killed and loss of potential fruit. April is always a stressful month for orchardists worrying about nighttime temperatures. We can also worry about daytime temps, too cool or windy for bees to get out (for pollination) or rainy which helps spread diseases while the trees are blooming. Good luck!

early spring


an introduction

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My wife, partner and friend Liz and I (Michael) own and operate Grouse Mountain Farm. We raise mostly tree fruit for market as well as a productive garden some of which makes it to market , but mostly for our own consumption. We do all the work on the ourselves. The fruits we raise for sale are, in some what ripening order, cherries, sour cherries, mulberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, Asian pears, grapes, kiwis, quinces and walnuts. We also bring tomatoes, peas, green beans and various fresh herbs. We also have a small collection of native persimmons and paw paws which someday we may have enough to bring to the market. What market you may be wondering? We sell most all our produce at the University District farmers market in Seattle, Washington on Saturdays from July to early November. We’ve been selling there since 1995. Its almost 200 miles from our farm to the market, about a four hour drive over either Stevens or Snoqualmie pass. It is a long way to go , we’d much rather sell locally, but this area being farm country its difficult to sell fruit here. Having the outlet in Seattle makes it possible for us to make most of our living from farming.

Welcome to Grouse Mt Farm

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Grouse Mountain Farm is a small, diversified  certified organic farm located  in the Lake Chelan valley in Washington state, USA. We’ve been organic from day one , but became officially certified in 1996 by the Washington State Department of Agriculture . Our certification number is 596.