Welcome to Grouse Mt Farm

Grouse Mountain Farm is a small, diversified  certified organic farm located  in the Lake Chelan valley in Washington state, USA. We’ve been organic from day one , but became officially certified in 1996 by the Washington State Department of Agriculture . Our certification number is 596.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Grouse Mt Farm”

  1. Susan Fiala Says:

    What a beautiful place you have and what a knack you you for growing the best fruit and vegs around.

  2. I wanted to tend my own garden, by showing how gardeners could work with nature to achieve a space that was wildlife friendly, environmentally sound and still breathtakingly beautiful and productive.

  3. Very nice informative blog. Find more about Grouse Mt at:http://travelsurround.com/grouse-mountain-british-columbia-canada/

  4. Stina Booth Says:

    Are you guys OK?

    • Hey Stina & John, We’re okay right now, but they’re moving in rigs next to the houses and preparing for the worst. The fire is getting closer. We’ve got a good green belt around so I’m trying not to worry too much… be glad when it’s over.
      Thanks for asking,

      M & L

  5. Been researching trying to figure out exactly where you are and monitoring…and found this. I’m hoping no posts means you are busy readying for market…..but I know that is a stretch. So many are concerned.

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