an introduction

My wife, partner and friend Liz and I (Michael) own and operate Grouse Mountain Farm. We raise mostly tree fruit for market as well as a productive garden some of which makes it to market , but mostly for our own consumption. We do all the work on the ourselves. The fruits we raise for sale are, in some what ripening order, cherries, sour cherries, mulberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, Asian pears, grapes, kiwis, quinces and walnuts. We also bring tomatoes, peas, green beans and various fresh herbs. We also have a small collection of native persimmons and paw paws which someday we may have enough to bring to the market. What market you may be wondering? We sell most all our produce at the University District farmers market in Seattle, Washington on Saturdays from July to early November. We’ve been selling there since 1995. Its almost 200 miles from our farm to the market, about a four hour drive over either Stevens or Snoqualmie pass. It is a long way to go , we’d much rather sell locally, but this area being farm country its difficult to sell fruit here. Having the outlet in Seattle makes it possible for us to make most of our living from farming.


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  1. Hi Grouse Mountain!
    We’re Community Farm Connection in Wenatchee and we help develop new markets for local farmers. I’ve been sending you our monthly e:news, but got an email bounceback.

    Do you make a regular run through Wenatchee to sell any of your very cool fruits and berries, because I think our shop, Farmhouse Table Local Foods Market, would be interested. We also run a big cooperative CSA program that might be interested in buying about 160 portions, or pounds, or tubs, or whatever, once in awhile.

    Send me a better email address and stop by sometime to talk business. Farmhouse Table is located at 10 N. Mission Street in Wenatchee and my non-profit office is in the back.

    Sherri Schneider

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