early spring

Not too much going yet. Everything is pruned, brush mowed and ready. I have to haul firewood out of the orchard (from pruning) some early cover sprays to apply, fix a few broken sprinklers and a bit of grafting in a couple of weeks.
The apricots are starting to bloom, its early. Fruit tree flowers are temperature sensitive, below 30 degrees F they’re prone to the blossoms being killed and loss of potential fruit. April is always a stressful month for orchardists worrying about nighttime temperatures. We can also worry about daytime temps, too cool or windy for bees to get out (for pollination) or rainy which helps spread diseases while the trees are blooming. Good luck!

early spring


2 Responses to “early spring”

  1. Brennan Says:

    The blog looks great! I love it. I’ll make it a habit to check in from time to time and see what you’re up to. It looks so nice and springy there on March 31. Even the mountains look mostly free of snow.
    Today (April 2) here is full on nasty wind, driving rain and a nice day to be in the shop next to the wood stove listening to be-bop.
    You guys have the web-site thing figured out pretty well, I’d say. I’m impressed. It’s a great way to connect with the outside world and that’s a good thing to do. You guys inspire me so much. Thanks for that.


  2. don’t worry, grow older!

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