New Season

This coming Saturday, July 10, will be our first market for the 2010 season, at the University farmers market in Seattle.
We’re looking forward to getting back to see our friends, fellow farmers and all our great customers.

This week we will have:
-Chelan sweet cherries
-black currants
-snow peas
-and a few pluots (apricot/plum cross)
plus a few odds and ends. As I’ve stated before its going to be a light year as far as quantity of fruit as result of poor weather during pollination. (I’ll attempt to not mention it again) ( We’ve also been considering the effect of last years hard freeze in early October on the fruit buds, but maybe another time). But, as always, we will strive for quality. Please bear with us. (we’ve been seeing the bear across the valley, but thankfully not here… yet)

One thing we are pretty excited about this year is our new rig, we took the plunge and bought a Dodge Sprinter van to replace our ’87 Ford F250 pickup which served us well for years. We’ve been wanting one of these for a few years now. One of the main reasons for the change is gas mileage, the van gets more then twice the mileage of the truck(!) and its quiet ( we can actually carry on a conversation without having to shout), and it has much more space for fruit (maybe this year it won’t matter, oops). I really like the idea of using half the fuel we have been.

pluots, this one is mostly cot with the acid of a plum

We hope to see you there!


One Response to “New Season”

  1. Yippie! Can’t wait to see you both and buy some delicious Grouse Mountain Farm food!!!!!!! I just harvested my first-ever crop of garlic. It’s big and purple and reminds me of you! See you Saturday.

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