Its mulberry time again! We’re pleased to be bringing mulberries back to the market again.

a ripe mulberry and ripening mulberries

Originally we planted them as a trap crop , an attempt to divert the birds away from our cherries. (See the Birds and Cherries post from July 13) It works somewhat, the birds still want to eat cherries but it seems to help. It didn’t take us long to figure out that besides their utilitarian duty they are really good to eat, so we figured out a way to harvest them and bring the luscious fruit to the market.
The variety we grow is called Illinois Everbearing, it begins to ripen early to mid July and goes in to August. The peak harvest is now and then it continues to decline until they’re done. I highly recommend planting a Mulberry tree or two, but be warned: they make a mess! That month and a half ripening time equals many fruits on the ground, so think carefully about where it wouldn’t be a problem and enjoy.


2 Responses to “Mulberries”

  1. Sadly we will be out of town for the next two Saturdays and I will miss you and your food. I made the most delicious oatmeal current cookies with Grouse Mt. Farm currents. Yum!

    See you after southern Utah and the Grand Canyon!

  2. One of my favorite moments was waking to a whooshing sound, followed by little smacks, and in my groggy state it took me quite some time to figure out that I was being awakened by Michael shaking mulberries gently out of a tree outside! Can’t wait to see you both this weekend!

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