Fresh on the Market Table-July 31

Its been another hot week here, up in the 90’s. Too hot to think but good for the ripening fruit. We’re starting to transition to the other stone fruits, but we still have a few cherries.
This week we’ll have:
-Montmorency Sour (pie) Cherries
-Kristin Sweet Cherries
-Springcrest Peaches
-Red Currants
-A few Apricots
-Grey Shallots

First Peaches of the Season

Once again its going to be a light load, but I’m happy to be bringing (and eating!) peaches. Plums, apricots ( a few this week) and nectarines in the coming weeks, and apples not too far away. See you saturday.


3 Responses to “Fresh on the Market Table-July 31”

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  2. hi
    i am inquiring with you to locate some sauce tomatoes. i need several cases of them for a large quantity of sauce for my catering company and looking for sweet, ripe flavor. they can be seconds too. please contact me at your earliest convenience with costs and availability.

    • Hello Kristie,

      Thanks for inquiring and for looking at my blog. As far as tomatoes go, we won’t have much quantity of paste tomatoes. As I’m sure you know it was a challenging spring, weather wise, so our tomatoes got off to a late start and are struggling to ripen what fruit they do have.

      Good luck,

      Michael Hampel Grouse Mtn. Farm

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