Whats (not) Fresh on the Table-August 7

Its been a crazy week, weather-wise. When we left home last Friday on our way to Seattle, it was clear and hot, somewhere in the 90’s. When we got home on Saturday night it had rained almost an inch and a quarter on Friday night with a bit of a mud wash through our parking lot. Then on Tuesday night another thunder storm came through and with it another torrent (but only a half inch this time) more mud in the parking lot but on the Lakeshore road below Slide ridge and on highway 97A , between Chelan and Wenatchee the mud really flowed (still closed as of this writing). Its always nice to get precipitation here, especially in the summer but I guess you need to be careful about what you ask for! (I don’t remember asking..)

looking down on the Southshore road washout

Anyway, I am sorry to report that we’re not going to be at the market this weekend. We always have a fruit lull this time of year, but usually we have cherries to augment what fruit we do have, but not now. What we have isn’t enough for a market (we’d be sold out by 10 am). There is much in the orchard almost ripe, but not ready yet. We deeply apologize for our absence but please look for us next week when we should have Santa Rosa Plums, White Nectarines, Peaches, Apricots (Blenheims!), Green Beans and Shallots in sufficient quantities.
Did I mention that its been a bit smokey? There is a fire in Stehekin , British Columbia and a few others smoking it up, summertime…

smokey sunrise


2 Responses to “Whats (not) Fresh on the Table-August 7”

  1. Uuggh! That is terrible. I’m sorry for all the bad weather. Ah, the farmer’s life, ain’t as easy as us cityfolks would like to think! Hope to see y’all next week. Big hugs. Jena

  2. Wow, that’s quite the deluge. I’m so sorry to miss seeing you another week, but hope you enjoy your time NOT driving back and forth. My mouth is already watering about those delectable Blenheims and the white nectarines…ooooh.
    Love to Blaze.

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