Whats Fresh for August 21

Raritan Rose White Fleshed Peach

Wow, another week already, it is flying by…
Its been a hot one too, starting to cool a bit which is welcome.
Many fruits coming on for our eating pleasure.
This week we’ll have:
-Dixie Red Peach
-August Blaze Peach
-Raritan Rose White Peach
-Saturn Donut Peach
-Blenheim Apricot
-Snow Queen White Nectarine
-Independence Nectarine
-Shiro Plum
-Santa Rosa Plum
-Green beans
and a few tomatoes ( they’re taking their time getting ripe )

Shiro Plum

Apples are just around the corner, we may have a few this week, we’ll see what they (Tydeman apple) look like tomorrow. Some early Pears still a couple of weeks out.
See you saturday !

Saturn Peach


2 Responses to “Whats Fresh for August 21”

  1. Pinar Ozhal Says:

    We are looking forward to see you this Saturday. Even the pictures make my mouth water 😛 Big Hugs!

  2. Think I’ll have Patty get some peaches, I can practically taste them!

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