Whats Fresh for September 18

We had sort of return to Summer late last week and the beginning of this one and now cooler and a little wet, whatever its Fall..
Some leaves are beginning to turn colors and drop, its a great season. The cooler weather also helps color up the apples.

Swiss Arlet Apple

This week we will have:
-Red Globe Peaches
-Red Gold Nectarines
-Fantasia Nectarines
-Belle of Georgia White Peaches
-Shiro Plums
-Burbank Plums
-Friar Plums
-Wickson Plums
-Red Clapp Pears
-Swiss Arlet Apples
-Sunrise Apples
-Tydeman Apples
-Gravenstein Apples
-Akane Apples
-McIntosh Apples
-Tomatoes (more then we’ve had all season)

Gravenstein Apple

We’ve been seeing more bear signs around, and actually saw him/her on our way to Seattle last week a mile or so down our road, but luckily no missing fruit or busted up trees. Next week is the Equinox, the days will be shorter then the nights, WOW!
See you saturday.

Our loyal friend and dog, Blaze

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