Fresh for the Market, September 25

Hardy Kiwi Fruit

Another cool week has kept fruit ripening slowed down, I was hoping to have more apple variety’s this week but it will wait until next. One surprise was that our kiwi fruits are on, a bit out of sync with everything else but here they are. If you haven’t had a Hardy Kiwi, they’re about the size of a big grape with more concentrated kiwi flavor then a regular fuzzy Kiwi and there’s no fuzz, so you can just pop them in your mouth.

Pink Pearl Apple

On our market table this week:
-Honey Nectar Cot Peaches
-Fantasia Nectarines
-Friar Plums
-Swiss Arlet Apples
-McIntosh Apples
-Pink Pearl Apples
-Shenseiki Asian Pears
-Red Clapp Pears
-Kiwi Fruit
The Pink Pearl apple is a red fleshed fruit, quit striking when you cut or bite in to one. Used by many for apple sauce. We only have a few boxes (the trees are still young).

McIntosh Apple

We’ll still have Nectarines and Peaches for another week after this one. The Honey-Nectar-Cots area combo of a white peach, nectarine and apricot in the guise of a old fashioned white peach.
They’re not the prettiest fruit, always a bit green looking, but inside a delicious fruit. They were bred by the noted fruit and nut breeder Bill Schildgen who lived near Palmer Lake outside of Oroville , Washington. He bred many varieties of walnuts, filberts, chestnuts and quite a few variations of soft fruit mixes, an amazing person I’m honored to have met.

Honey-Nectar-Cot Peach

See you saturday.

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