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Its Winter Now!

Posted in Grouse Mt. Farm with tags on November 25, 2010 by Grouse Mt. Farm

We knew it was coming but still a bit of a surprise when it did show up… winter of course! We’ve had a dusting of snow, not too serious, but when 8″ to 10″ come down: Fall is over.
We have things pretty much buttoned up for the season, the farm put to bed. There’s always more to be done, but really its great to have it all covered up, once we got over the shock.

Fresh Snow in the Orchard

There’s still some leaves on the trees, which are falling fast now. Its been a good Autumn as far as the trees going dormant in a timely fashion (the weather progressively cooling down all Fall and not too early a freeze when the trees aren’t quite dormant, and more susceptible to cold damage) and the snow is great insulation for the roots as its been fairly cold this last week (down to zero F). So now we can worry about if next years fruit buds have been damaged by the cold. I’m not too concerned about it, but its always lurking in the back of my mind…

AND, last but definitely not least, a big THANK YOU to all our customers !!
We couldn’t do it with out you all, besides making it possible for us to make a living from our farm, you’re all amazing, interesting, fun, generous etc etc that its a true pleasure to know you all. Thanks!
Have great Winter and we hope to see you in July with cherries!


Last Market (for the season) November 13

Posted in farmers market, Grouse Mt. Farm with tags , , on November 11, 2010 by Grouse Mt. Farm

The market this weekend will be our last for the season. Its a wonder where the time goes,
seems like it was summer just a couple of weeks ago.
We finally got a freeze and a little dusting of snow this week, which melted promptly, but the hills above us are covered.

This week we will have:
-Belle de Boskopp Apples
-Northern Spy Apple
-Newtown Pippin Apple
-Jonathan Apple
-Prairie Spy Apple
-Nickajack Apple
-King David Apple
-Spitzenburg Apples

The fruit is all picked, the water drained from the irrigation system, grass is mowed (to discourage mice and voles from nesting and eating the bark off the base of the trees, while under the snow). We almost have the place buttoned up for winter, I’m hoping to get a lime sulfur and oil spray on next week if its warm enough (for mildew and mites) then let it snow!

A resting Pie Cherry tree

It will be nice to be done with the markets and not driving over the pass every week, though we will miss seeing our friends and customers.
Thanks to all our customers and friends for supporting us! We surely appreciate it and couldn’t do it without you.
See you Saturday.