Walnuts, not yet…


Everyone is waiting for the walnuts, but they won’t be ready until next week. With a shortened week due to rain, there isn’t enough time to pick, husk and dry the nuts by market time. Next week for (almost) sure.

Hardy Kiwi Fruit on the vine

We will have this week:

Hosui and Shinseiki Asian pears, Italian prune plums, Elephant Heart plums, the last of the Fantasia nectarines and Honey-Nectar-Cots, and new this week the O’Henry peaches, Abate Fetel European pears, (next week: Seckels and Boscs). And apples: Gala, Prairie Spy, Swiss Arlet, Jonathan, Nickajack, Coxs orange Pippin. We’ll have the little Kiwis again this week and next as well, a few green beans (Romano)

                                                        Shinseiki Asian Pear

Everything is a couple of weeks later then it was last year, which was five to seven days later then is or was usual, due to the late spring and cooler early summer weather. As a result everything is later then we’re accustomed  to. ( Fresh Peaches in mid October?!)

See you Saturday.


2 Responses to “Walnuts, not yet…”

  1. Pinar Ozhal Says:

    I took some of my hardy kiwis to my co workers and they could not believe how tasty they were, thanks a lot. I am not going to be with Herbert this Saturday, my friend Anna will take him this time. We are having a Turkish Festival at Seattle Center so I will be doing demos and helping them out. See you on following Saturday and yess i am looking forward to getting some walnuts ;)) Hugs!

  2. Jan Alden Says:

    If people really knew what’s involved in picking, husking and drying those walnuts………..they would appreciate you guys even more!!!!
    I miss your wonderful fruit and you too of course! Here’s a funny for the week. Here in Florida, they are advertising pumpkin patches which consist of pumpkins in a grassy lot in sunny 87 degree weather. Although, last weekend there was 8 inches of rain which put a damper on those hay rides and Fall festivities for sure!

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