Grafting 101.5 and We’re Still Here

Today is May 12th, 2020. It’s been just about six years since my last post, we are still here and still farming and trying to deal with the current situation, which is of course the Corona Virus pandemic, or Covid19.  We’re planning on being at the University District Farmers Market this Summer and Fall but with the pandemic things have changed, not sure how it’ll work for us, but we do plan on being there. But before too much of that I want to finish the thread from six years ago, the pear tree grafting..


Here’s a photo of the Red Anjou pear I grafted six years ago, just post bloom. as you can see, it has grown a bit. We have gotten a little bit of fruit from it, but this year is its biggest bloom and potential crop (It’s still too early to tell how many of the blooms have set fruit). A couple more pics:



These grafts did pretty well. Last year or the year before I took off the bamboo poles and string I used to secure them. I try to prune it as if it were a regular tree, with that many scions put in, it’s easy to have too much growth in there. It’s been pruned so that there are three or four main leaders or main limbs, your basic open center tree.

We’re going to try, either here with this blog or another app or format to have a weekly list of what will be coming to the market to facilitate pre-orders to expedite the process at the newly configured market. As it is now, these are the  Neighborhood Farmers Market Associations   rules for the market as of today. Check the link for current information about  the markets.

We hope everyone is doing okay, we miss you all and look forward to seeing you in late June or Early July. It is going to be different, but it won’t last forever. Thanks.



3 Responses to “Grafting 101.5 and We’re Still Here”

  1. Says:

    We are so so happy to hear from you and sure many others are too! Will eagerly look forward to your first arrival and have already thought about pre-ordering. Wishing you great weather and many bees and no bears – Donald and Sally

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  2. Barbara Wright Says:

    Hello Michael and Liz,

    We are so glad to hear the farm news and know you are doing well with your pear experiment.

    It will be grand to welcome you back to the market soon. Let’s hope the bear(s) are behaving themselves and know the produce is NOT for them.

    Warm regards,
    Barbara + Dwight

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  3. Cedar Armbruster Says:

    Hi Michael and Liz,
    I always love seeing orchard photos from your side of the mountains. Thank you for letting us know you will be back to the market! Kurt is our designated shopper at the moment as he is appropriately less chatty than me. But I expect to see you this summer joyfully ready to being nourished by your wonderful produce. Stay well and safe spring to you.
    Cedar and Kurt

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