Fresh for October 17, 2020


No mistaking it, Autumn is here for sure. We received about two inches of rain since last weekend, which is quite a bit for over here. The ground and everything else sorely appreciates it, it was dry. And snow a couple thousand feet above us, Winter not far off.

A few new additions to our apple selection this week: Spartan, another McIntosh cross. Nicajack, Spitzenburg and Newtown Pippin, the latter two reputed to be Thomas Jeffersons favorite apples. They’re all good, multi-purpose fruit. The Pippins are exceptional keepers, getting better as the Winter wears on.

Newtown Pippin

We’ll also have Walnuts this week. The pears and apples are $3.50 a pound. From sweetest to tartest (approx.):

  • Swiss Arlet
  • Nicajack
  • White Winter Pearmain
  • Spartan
  • Prairie Spy
  • Macoun
  • Mc Intosh
  • Jonathan
  • Newtown Pippin
  • Spitzenburg
  • King David
  • Tydemans Late Orange
  • Coxs Orange Pippin
  • Belle deBoskoop


  • Hosui Asian Pear
  • Ar-ri-rang Asian Pear
  • Mongolian Red Asian Pear
  • Abbe Fetel
  • Bosc
  • Seckel
  • Walnuts – $8.00#
  • Hardy Kiwis – $5.00 pint
  • Honey – $20.00 pint

I you’d like to preorder, send an email to: , then I’ll send you a Square invoice through which you can pay online, then come pick up your order at our booth at the market on Saturday. Please order by 9am on Friday.

King David Apple

Thank you for supporting us and coming out to the market. Stay safe & healthy.

One Response to “Fresh for October 17, 2020”

  1. Lisa Davison Says:

    Hi Michael, It’s so nice seeing the photos on your posts and I’m glad you got some rain. If you still have walnuts, please put aside 3# for me to pick up on Saturday 10/24. Thank you so much Warmly, Lisa


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