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2010 Tomato Challenge

Posted in farmers market, Grouse Mt. Farm with tags , , on October 10, 2010 by Grouse Mt. Farm

Congratulations to Liz for winning the 2010 10.0 Brix Tomato Challenge! with her German Red Strawberry tomato! Jon Rowley presented the challenge to find a 10.0 brix or better tomato at Seattle area farmers markets. ( Brix is a measurement of the percentage of sugars in fruits or vegetables as measured by a refractometer. ) Not an easy task this past summer, which it seems every outside tomato grower has had a tough time getting any tomatoes, yet alone a sweet one. With the cold wet spring weather and less then favorable conditions of the summer, it was a challenge for growers of many crops, especially heat loving tomatoes.

Liz in the Tomatoes

Liz had been quite frustrated all summer at the lack of tomatoes which were ripening, many fruits on the vine but so slow to ripen. At a market in September our market manager Chris Curtis asked Liz if she’d be interested in submitting a tomato for Jon’s challenge which she declined because of how few fruits we had and her low expectation of them. Jon came by a few hours later and asked for the beautiful, large German Red Strawberry tomato sitting on our display (which had been admired by many, but apparently the size scared them off) and it became the winning tomato!
Congratulations Liz and thanks for the Tomatoes!