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Grafting 101.4 Follow Up – Aftercare

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It’s now late May/Early June and the pear grafts I did for the last post are growing well and preparation needs to be done to protect them from breaking out. If all goes as planned, the grafts will grow quite a bit this year and the graft union usually isn’t strong enough (especially with a bark graft) to support all the growth when the wind blows.

After a Little More Then a Month After Grafting

After a Little More Then a Month After Grafting

We had a good take, all the scions are growing. They could grow four to six feet in the first years growth, thats a lot of stress on the union. Some people nail supports to the tree and use twine or green nursery tape (my preference) to secure the new limb to the wood support. Instead of nailing in to the tree I tie the supports to it with twine. Figure which direction you’d like the graft to generally go, with the support (I use bamboo poles, 1″x 2″ wood or metal electrical conduit or tree branches will do) against the trunk and then tied around the tree to secure it, then tie the grafts to the supports, easy.

Tree With Supports

Tree With Supports

I like to leave the supports for at least a couple of years while the graft union grows and strengthens before removing the supports. Sometimes if, if the growth is strong, the new limbs will set fruit on the second or third year, heavier supports may be necessary for a season or two. Generally after four or five years supports are no longer needed.

Walnuts, not yet…

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Everyone is waiting for the walnuts, but they won’t be ready until next week. With a shortened week due to rain, there isn’t enough time to pick, husk and dry the nuts by market time. Next week for (almost) sure.

Hardy Kiwi Fruit on the vine

We will have this week:

Hosui and Shinseiki Asian pears, Italian prune plums, Elephant Heart plums, the last of the Fantasia nectarines and Honey-Nectar-Cots, and new this week the O’Henry peaches, Abate Fetel European pears, (next week: Seckels and Boscs). And apples: Gala, Prairie Spy, Swiss Arlet, Jonathan, Nickajack, Coxs orange Pippin. We’ll have the little Kiwis again this week and next as well, a few green beans (Romano)

                                                        Shinseiki Asian Pear

Everything is a couple of weeks later then it was last year, which was five to seven days later then is or was usual, due to the late spring and cooler early summer weather. As a result everything is later then we’re accustomed  to. ( Fresh Peaches in mid October?!)

See you Saturday.

Fresh on the Market Table for October 30, 2010

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King David Apple

Its getting quiet in the orchard, only a few trees left with fruit still hanging. The colors have been beautiful and still no hard freeze here at our place. We can see snow up on the higher ridges and peaks above us, it won’t be long until its here in the lowlands.
A few new varieties this week:
Northern Spy Apple
Newtown Pippin Apple
-A-Ri-Rang Asian Pear
Also this week:
-Jonathan Apple
-Prairie Spy Apple
-Nickajack Apple
-King David Apple
-Belle de Boskopp Apple
-Spitzenburg Apple
-Bosc Pear
-Hosui Asian Pear
-Walnuts (the last of them)

Newtown Pippin Apple

This Saturday at the University District Farmers Market in Seattle, along with the regular market activities AppleLooza will be taking place. A celebration of Apples, there will be a apple tasting, apple info and an pie making demo. I will also be there demonstrating a low tech method to check apples for ripeness. (See my September 15 post about the subject) Come enjoy and celebrate great Washington state apples!
See you Saturday.

Northern Spy Apples

Fresh for October 16, 2010

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Hosui Asian Pear

Autumn is definitely in the air, cooler days and cold nights (still no frost here though). The weather has been great all week, nice sunny days. There’s not too many trees with fruit on them at this point, a few apples and some Asian pears still hanging.
This we’ll have:
-Gala Apple
-Prairie Spy Apple
Jonathan Apple
-McIntosh Apple
-Nickajack Apple
-Coxs Orange Pippin Apple
-Hosui Asian Pear
-Shinseiki Asian Pear
New this week:
-Spitzenburg Apple
-King David Apple
-Belle de Boskopp Apple
-Mongolian Red Asian Pear
-Bosc Pears
-Abate Fetel Pear

Belle de Boskopp Apples

This week we will have our super walnuts (not our biggest, but our most popular for sure). They have a great flavor, can be easily cracked by hand and the meat can be extracted whole. We recommend getting to the market early if you are interested in these nuts, they do go fast.
See you Saturday.

Whats Fresh for September 18

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We had sort of return to Summer late last week and the beginning of this one and now cooler and a little wet, whatever its Fall..
Some leaves are beginning to turn colors and drop, its a great season. The cooler weather also helps color up the apples.

Swiss Arlet Apple

This week we will have:
-Red Globe Peaches
-Red Gold Nectarines
-Fantasia Nectarines
-Belle of Georgia White Peaches
-Shiro Plums
-Burbank Plums
-Friar Plums
-Wickson Plums
-Red Clapp Pears
-Swiss Arlet Apples
-Sunrise Apples
-Tydeman Apples
-Gravenstein Apples
-Akane Apples
-McIntosh Apples
-Tomatoes (more then we’ve had all season)

Gravenstein Apple

We’ve been seeing more bear signs around, and actually saw him/her on our way to Seattle last week a mile or so down our road, but luckily no missing fruit or busted up trees. Next week is the Equinox, the days will be shorter then the nights, WOW!
See you saturday.

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