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Walnuts – They’re here !

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We will have walnuts at the University District Farmers Market in Seattle, this Saturday, October 22. These walnuts have quite a following, we have people asking about them all season. They are good tasting, easy to crack with a well filled nut and good sized. There is a limited quantity, so we recommend being at the market early. We will have more walnuts in the following weeks, some smaller ones and our bigger BIG  nut as well.

Walnuts on the tree, the cracking husk indicates a ripe nut

A couple of years ago we made a short video about part of what we do to harvest and process the walnuts. Here’s a link:

When the husks on the nuts begin to crack is a sure sign that they’re ripe. In a vacuum the nuts would all fall from the tree as they ripen and we could pick them up minus the hull. But with squirrels and Stellar Jays getting the jump on them we have to shake the trees and gather them, husk and all before they all disappear. Once gathered the nuts need to be de-husked. With a nut whose husk has begun to crack the nut pops right out but since I shake the tree, not all the nuts are as ripe so those not need to be put aside for a few days before the husk will  release itself from the walnut. After husking the nuts are quite wet and need to be dried for three to four days in a food dehydrator. If they’re not dried fairly quickly, the nuts will mold inside. We’ve found that if we remove the husks and store the nuts, still wet, while waiting (more then a few days) to put them  in to the dryer they’ll mold. But storing for up to a couple of weeks in the husk they won’t mold. Once dried, then at last: ready to eat!

Walnut Exposed

Also this week we’ll have:

Nickajack, Prairie Spy, Gala, King David, Belle de Boskopp, Macoun (not many), and a few Coxs Orange Pippin Apples.

Hosui and Shinseiki Asian Pears,

Bosc and Abate Fetel European Pears,

Elephant Heart and Italian Prune Plums,

Hardy Kiwis,

Concord Grapes,

and O’Henry and Honey Nectar Cot Peaches (Last peaches of the season)

See you Saturday.

Belle de Boskoop Apples

Fresh for the Market, September 25

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Hardy Kiwi Fruit

Another cool week has kept fruit ripening slowed down, I was hoping to have more apple variety’s this week but it will wait until next. One surprise was that our kiwi fruits are on, a bit out of sync with everything else but here they are. If you haven’t had a Hardy Kiwi, they’re about the size of a big grape with more concentrated kiwi flavor then a regular fuzzy Kiwi and there’s no fuzz, so you can just pop them in your mouth.

Pink Pearl Apple

On our market table this week:
-Honey Nectar Cot Peaches
-Fantasia Nectarines
-Friar Plums
-Swiss Arlet Apples
-McIntosh Apples
-Pink Pearl Apples
-Shenseiki Asian Pears
-Red Clapp Pears
-Kiwi Fruit
The Pink Pearl apple is a red fleshed fruit, quit striking when you cut or bite in to one. Used by many for apple sauce. We only have a few boxes (the trees are still young).

McIntosh Apple

We’ll still have Nectarines and Peaches for another week after this one. The Honey-Nectar-Cots area combo of a white peach, nectarine and apricot in the guise of a old fashioned white peach.
They’re not the prettiest fruit, always a bit green looking, but inside a delicious fruit. They were bred by the noted fruit and nut breeder Bill Schildgen who lived near Palmer Lake outside of Oroville , Washington. He bred many varieties of walnuts, filberts, chestnuts and quite a few variations of soft fruit mixes, an amazing person I’m honored to have met.

Honey-Nectar-Cot Peach

See you saturday.